Vocabulário de cassino

Player Phraseology to get you spinning & winning

Gambling in a casino can be profitable and enjoyable, and playing games is fun when there’s a win but you need to know the words to understand the rules to win the game. when you approach your session in the correct way combined with luck you are on to something. This article is intended as the basic introduction for those who are new to this experience.

Players have their own language and it is essential that one gets the words in their repertoire so that you can follow real-life discussions or forums. Of course, some words are more important than others; you should always be well served by knowing the right terminology.

Cancelation Requirements- You usually have to wager a certain amount of money before you can withdraw money in an online casino. This is particularly true if you receive a registration bonus. Please keep in mind that you may have to wager as much as 100 times the price of the original bonus and read the conditions to familiarize themselves with these provisions.

Active Payline: A payline contains symbols that must be aligned to give you a prize. If you bet on a particular payline, it’s called an active payline. It’s active only if you bet on it before you spin.

Ante: In card games, before you begin a hand, you will be asked to place a bet. This is a compulsory bet before you receive your cards.

Deuce: No. 2 in dice.

Double or nothing: a stake which pays the same amount or nothing wagered.

Draw: If a player takes additional cards for card games like Baccarat and Blackjack.

Edge: Odds that favor the casino, or House Edge or Advantage.

Expanding Wildlife: Expanding Wildlife is a symbol which falls over a reel to fully cover the reel. This in turn creates several winning combinations, particularly as they tend to affect more than one pay line.

Hit: A hit is a request for another card when used in online blackjack.

Hole Card: A Hole Card is a dealer’s face down card during a blackjack game. The card that the player receives for other table games is a hole card.

House Edge: casino edge The chance as percent proportion (ratio) of a casino winning over players.

Scatters: Scatters are symbols that when they fall within a payline will trigger either free spins. Even if they don’t fall within a payline, wherever they land on the reels, they tend to pay out.

Reel: column that spins in slots

Fraseologia do jogador para você ganhar vocabulário

Jogar em um cassino pode ser lucrativo e agradável, e jogar é divertido quando há uma vitória, mas você precisa saber as palavras para entender as regras para ganhar o jogo. quando você se aproxima de sua sessão da maneira correta combinada com a sorte, você está em algo. Este artigo pretende ser a introdução básica para aqueles que são novos nessa experiência.

Os jogadores têm seu próprio idioma e é essencial que esse ; receba as palavras ; no repertório para que você possa seguir as discussões ou fóruns da vida real. Claro, algumas palavras são mais importantes que outras; você deve estar sempre bem servido, conhecendo a terminologia correta.

Requisitos de cancelamento – Você geralmente tem que apostar uma certa quantia de dinheiro antes de poder sacar dinheiro em um cassino online. Isto é particularmente verdadeiro se você receber um bônus de registro. Tenha em mente que você pode ter que apostar até 100 vezes o preço do bônus original e ler as condições para se familiarizar com estas provisões.

Active Payline (Linha de Pagamento Ativa): Uma linha de pagamento contém símbolos que devem ser alinhados para lhe dar um prêmio. Se você apostar em uma linha de pagamento específica, ela é chamada de linha de pagamento ativa. Só está ativo se você apostar antes de girar.
Ante: Nos jogos de cartas, antes de começar uma mão, você será solicitado a fazer uma aposta. Esta é uma aposta obrigatória antes de receber suas cartas.
Deuce: No. 2 em dados.

Double or nothing (Dobro ou nada): uma aposta que paga a mesma quantia ou nada apostado.
Hit (Empate): Se um jogador recebe cartas adicionais para jogos de cartas como Baccarat e Blackjack.
Edge: Odds que favorecem o casino, ou House Edge ou Advantage. Expanding Wildlife (Expansão da Vida Selvagem): Expansão da Vida Selvagem é um símbolo que cai sobre um carretel para cobrir totalmente o carretel. Isso, por sua vez, cria várias combinações vencedoras, particularmente porque elas tendem a afetar mais de uma linha de pagamento.
Hit (Acerto): um acerto é um pedido de outro cartão quando usado no blackjack on-line.
Hole Card (Cartão de Furo): Um Cartão de Furo é uma carta virada para baixo no dealer durante um jogo de blackjack. A carta que o jogador recebe para outros jogos de mesa é uma carta fechada.
House Edge (Borda da Casa): borda do cassino A chance como proporção percentual (proporção) de um cassino vencendo sobre os jogadores.
Scatters: Scatters são símbolos que, quando estão dentro de uma linha de pagamento, ativam as rodadas grátis. Mesmo se eles não estiverem dentro de uma linha de pagamento, onde quer que eles estejam nos rolos, eles tendem a pagar.
Carretel: coluna que gira nos slots

Good games graphics in gambling gaming

What entices the eye of different players will be down to taste a general rule is clarity wins when it comes to the aesthetics of the virtual sphere. Some will like a game that is very realistic looking and other players may be more attracted to the concept. graphics play an integral part in the experience.

Obviously, gaming is about entertainment and with gambling you can only have fun if you are comfortable with the virtual environment. The look of a platform is just as important as the software that drives it. The top online casinos make sure that micro details are not overlooked when it comes to graphics. Each player will prefer to view in different sizes, so developers must ensure that a casino chip or card is legible at its smallest and largest incarnations. If you consider a slot with slick graphics, gameplay runs smoother, without frustrating lags. When top software developers pay attention to even the smallest details, you can rest assured that the sites are of the highest quality in general. In fact, developers with the best games and bonuses often pay as much attention to their graphics as they do to the rest of their virtual package.

Let’s go look at the Greatest Gaming and Gambling Graphics  

 gaming net ent bat man


When it comes to graphics in slots, NextGen is close to the top of the stack. The software provider offers the most immersive slot game experience with advanced technologies such as 3D design, reel bounce and high – quality sound. Bet365 has been one of the leading NetGen casinos since 2014 with around 50 NextGen slot titles available to players. Some of the top NextGen titles come from their DC Comics collection, including slot games from Superman and Batman. Flash-based slots and 5-reel Html5 slots are the order of the day at bet365, with crisp visuals, fast gameplay, and no lag. Balanced with bonus games, dispersed payouts, and unique design add-ons, NextGen games may not be the best known, but some of them are the most popular. Players can visit one of the many NextGen casinos on the web to find these amazing games and their stellar graphics, but if you’re looking for the best NextGen casino experience, we suggest you check out Casino bet365!


Thanks to Ladbrokes Casino, IGT’s state-of-the-art game content offers a truly immersive gaming experience to players. You are guaranteed to find games with an original design and quirky icons with a focus on innovative slots development. One of the most famous is the timeless slot game of Kitty Glitter. IGT is especially skilled in revitalizing outdated mobile device graphics. It adds an edge to the gameplay that puts the selection of slots by Ladbrokes in the’ best of ‘ list. Thanks to a variety of 3D slots and table games, IGT is one of the industry’s top graphic designers. A number of IGT-partner casinos offer a complete collection of IGT games so that you can choose any of them, but if you really want top quality IGT graphics, go to Ladbrokes Casino.

graphics netent


NetEnt ‘s beautiful graphics and original design are well known. It is renowned for producing casino games and slots based on popular feature films and fairytale stories with impressive visuals. Try one of NetEnt ‘s top 20 games to experience smooth, fast and aesthetically enjoyable high-action gameplay. Where NetEnt excels in its realistic approach to the graphics of its casino game. In Mr. Green, you may feel forgiven for rolling in a brick and mortar casino. NetEnt produced a number of games exclusively for Mr. Green–including Mr. Green: Moonlight–with thrilling soundtracks and fantastic stories. NetEnt partners with a wealth of top online casinos so it’s not that hard to find a site that offers NetEnt. Unfortunately, not all online casino experiences are the same, so please visit Mr. Green today to get a top-notch casino experience to match the amazing NetEnt graphics


graphics cruise


Microgaming is one of the most renowned gaming industry software providers, dedicating time and energy to creating some of the best, most innovative casino games on the market using flash technology. The selection of Microgaming slots by Casino Cruise is highly aesthetically impressive, drawing on popular TV series and the power of progressive jackpots, such as the record-breaking Mega Moolah, to give players a gaming experience firmly rooted in the visual world. Speed and reliability help keep Microgaming slots and casino games close to the top of the list, while smart animations and amazing graphic design make them one of the best plays. One of the most attractive elements of this partnership is the easy transition to mobile devices by Microgaming; you will not lose rich graphics as you play on the go. If you visit any of the many Microgaming casinos on offer, you should be able to enjoy your favorite Microgaming games and their high – quality graphics, but if you don’t want to take any risk, sign up for Casino Cruise today and start enjoying everything Microgaming has to offer!


Playtech is the giant software producer behind some of the finest online casino graphics. The wildly popular Marvel slots and the realism of their live dealer games keep players at their fingertips, while 3D graphics and full simulations make Playtech casino games a little more important. The aesthetic attraction of Coral is focused on bright colors, sharp lines, and playful graphics. Coral’s selection of games is separated by unique themes and animations. The casino offers a variety of Playtech games in a relationship that has been nurtured since the two companies signed a ten-year agreement in 2011. Playtech gameplay is seamless, while original soundtracks and an impeccable design provide an exciting atmosphere. Coral has a great selection of Playtech slots loaded with features and striking icons; it is the best casino for innovative slots in Playtech. To enjoy the top graphic designed and closely associated online casino while receiving an incredibly generous welcome bonus, just go to Coral Casino today!

NON SPOILER: We haven’t put the actual real-deal graphics on this blog post. The imagery in these games can be mind-blowing get on and see for yourself!